I recently put my sports marketing experience to good use. When our daughter started a softball season, a lot of other parents, and even the coaches and umpires were worried about my husband. As someone who is employed by a major league franchise, even of another sport, they were concerned he’d be quite a pain to deal with.

Most of the season though he has been anything but. He’s been one of the calmest and nicest parents in the stands, rooting for the team and our daughter in particular. That’s recently changed though.

Someone at his office who does not like him has been showing up and heckling our daughter more than rooting for his own kid when their teams play. The regular season is now over, and the two teams are in a playoff series, and my father took his nice-guy hat off.

Apparently, there’s quite a few people at the office that don’t like the other dad, and my husband did everything from custom t-shirts to giving away my baked goods to get people from the office to fill the bleachers behind my daughter’s dug out. She’s got quite the cheerleader section now.