I was really hoping my daughter was going to go to college and get a degree, but as soon as she graduated high school, she immediately got a job with a local minor league baseball team doing sports marketing.

My wife and I were a little upset. She did this without talking to us, and our understanding about her staying home a few more years was predicated on the assumption she would go to school. She had talked about getting into home improvement and remodeling, and was working with a company that runs a blog about ceramics (http://www.lorexceramic.com). The thing was, however, that we were surprised she got such a good-paying full time job right out of high school.

She kind of laughed it off, pointing out her youth and looks, and that she had experience driving up ticket sales to high school athletic events as a cheerleader. We couldn’t argue with that.

In the end we compromised, once we found out the other half of her plan. She apparently didn’t want to leave town yet because she has friends still yet to graduate, and she wants to leave for a college at the same time as them. So, she’s going to community college in the off-season and then will transfer to whatever school they go to when they graduate.