Our son started dating someone involved in sports marketing, and it is interesting how hard it has backfired on him.

He grew up following the local NBA team, and ever since he moved back after graduating, he’s followed them religiously every day reading the paper and listening to local sports radio, and of course watching all the games.

He goes to games when he can, as many weeknight games are cheaper than others. He’s made a few friends there, including a girl who works sports marketing there that he started dating.

Early on, he had hopes of getting into games with her and going to events and even meeting players, but it’s hilarious because when she’s off work, she doesn’t want to talk about basketball period, at all.

That drives him up the wall, and we know there are nights she works the arena, and he stays home and watches the game, and then they don’t talk about their day when they get together later in the evening.

How they’re making that work is beyond us, but at least he’s got someone in his life and they both seem to be pretty happy. There’s been no talk of marriage yet, but something tells me a sports game proposal is a distinct possibility, as long as that sort of thing doesn’t get her fired.

She told us about a story of a college recruit that got “the full limousine treatment” from a Bloomington MN limo company, and she detailed how she was in charge of calling the limo dispatch, organizing with the player’s mom (!), and working within her company’s accounting department. Colleges really roll out the red carpet for these sports players, and it’s easy to see why we have the scandals we’ve seen lately – sports is a big business these days.